Making Shopping More Social.

We all love shopping. And Oplus mission is to make shopping even more fun for everyone. Our omnichannel retail concept O+ Mall responds to this growing social commerce phenomen – and helps you sell more!

See how we can help you to expand your retail coverage and increase sales by joining our ecosystem.


Global direct retail

Oplus is based on F2C, Factory-to-Consumer principle where companies sell their products and services directly to end users without traditional supply chain, without layers of middle men.


We see that growing social commerce is more and more important, and brings results to sellers supporting social marketing and commerce. That is why we encourage Oplus customers to become product advocates and entrepreneurs.

omnichannel sales ecosystem

As online shopping is increasingly popular all over the world, we use both digital and physical channels for retail sales. Mobile applications, desktop online store and physical outlets serve Oplus consumers and professional customers.

loyalty and reward program

Feeling welcome back again is one key part of shopping experience. Oplus regular customers can earn bonuses from their purchases and recommendations, to be used in the future as virtual Oplus currency.

Full Service Sales Ecosystem Concept

Going global is now easy with Oplus. We have streamlined taking the step towards international market accessible to companies and brands of all sizes, business categories, and most countries of origin. 






commerce FOCUS

insight from Oplus partners

"We have built the retail concept for Chinese marketplace, based on social commerce opportunities utilization and attractive Loyalty and Reward Program. "We have the experience from serving millions of consumers".
Oplus China
"I see major opportunities for independent online retailers who join us under Oplus umbrella, as we have exceptional connections, complete infrastructure and market knowledge, both in the east and west. "
Mikhail tarakhchev
Oplus Georgia