regional Logistic Center for needs and demands

The strategic benefits provided by Oplus Logistic Centers,
help achieve the primary purposes of reduced cycle times,
cutting costs and maximizing customer satisfaction.



Oplus Logistic Center is the most secure, cost saving, effective factor in cross border e-commerce of today, providing professional service in all logistic needs


Using our logistic network, we expedite the order delivery span, also serve to free up storage space in your company warehouse for other purposes and needs.

focus: customer experience

Customers who receive goods in a timely manner are inclined to place repeated orders and remain loyal. This can be applied to processing of returns and refunds as well.


All Oplus Logistic Centers offer bonded warehouse services and are located in tax-free zones. Border crossing fees and tax will be paid when shipments leave the area.

Infrastructure and people to deliver promised

The savings in ecosystem provided logistics enable companies to direct their resources in product & service development and marketing, hence becoming more successful in the target market.






for consumers

Oplus partners insight:

"We have built the retail concept for Chinese marketplace, based on social commerce opportunities utilization and attractive Loyalty and Reward Program. Millions of Chinese have already joined Oplus."
Oplus Fujian
"I see major opportunities if independent online retailers join us under Oplus umbrella, as we have exceptional connections, complete infrastructure and market knowledge, both in the east and west. "
Mikhail tarakhchev
Oplus Georgia
"Oplus is also providing tailored promotional services to regions and individual companies of all sizes. There are interesting Oplus projects related to revitalizing the international tourism after pandemic."
Violetta esmeralda spadea
Oplus Italy
"Our intention has been to create a comprehensive but flexible solution with low entry threshold, in order to make Oplus services accessible to any SME willing to explore their opportunity in cross-border sales. "
timo savola
Oplus Nordic