Digitalized Ecosystem is for international trade, retail, communication and interaction

What is Oplus Ecosystem?

Our objective is to help Oplus ecosystem members to grow and succeed in the international markets, by generating new business opportunitites and sales in professional and consumer segments.

We want to bring authentic quality products and new services available to consumers in new market areas.

We connect manucfacturers and suppliers with professional buyers as well as consumers in digital and physical channels. Important part of Oplus ecosystem are service providers who make it possible to fulfill the tasks and duties.

Oplus cooperates with local partners, and joins forces with associations as well as other organizations to ensure effective execution and results.

Oplus partner network has been built during more than 20 years of cooperation in cross-cultural communications, consultation and international trade. The network already expands to several countries in Europe and Middle East.


Oplus in EMEA

Our European and Middle Eastern network of offices reaches from Spain to Georgia and Turkey, from Finland to Egypt. 

Oplus regional offices serve customers who seek to grow their product or service sales in the global marketplace through joining in our ecosystem. 

In addition to direct social sales and smart online exhibition, we provide comprehensive support services to our customers in logistics, border-crossing, warehousing and promotion.

For additional information, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and you will be connected with our representative.

Oplus in China

The Oplus consortium operations in China are divided in two main offices: IT and sales ecosystem team is located in Fujian, business development team in Jiujiang.

As China is now becoming the World´s #1 retail market, we provide our extraordinary knowledge and contact network available for Oplus members´ purposes. 

Our special focus is in the Yangtze RIver Development Belt, in the heart of which is located our Jiujiang office.

If you have plans or needs for information regarding Chinese market entry, please contact us using the form below.

Partner Opportunities

We are constantly developing our operations and expanding the partner network. Do you have what it takes to become our new partner office operator?

It is our objective to build a network with local office representation in all major markets ot the world. At the moment we are offering exclusive partnership opportunities in specific Eastern and Central European regions. 

For fully confidential Oplus partnership opportunity inquiries, please use please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.