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We enable and empower companies for business growth in the international marketplace.

We enable and empower companies for business growth in the international marketplace.

Convenient cross-border sales and promotion solutions for manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in EMEA area and China.

Oplus Ecosystem is a digital promotion and direct selling system, a social communication mechanism, and a service park including a logistic center, physical showroom and business center, all seamlessly integrated to help companies to reach and talk to their target audiences, and close transactions.

New channels for consumers to purchase high-quality, authentic products and services from international brands.

The direct retail ecosystem of Oplus is built to meet the modern customers´  expectations for agile operations, user experience and freedom to choose the channel used for shopping: online or offline, both for consumers and professionals.

Smart business ecosystem to reach, communicate and sell.

Online Exhibition

One-year digital promotion,
following a 5-day expo.

Exhibitors present their products or services, connect and interact with potential business partners. Linked to Oplus Retail Direct for sales in
digital and physical channels.

Retail Direct

Removing the geographical limitations of trade.

Providing an international solution for online and offline sales: Oplus App has more than 3 million users in China. Completing the sales ecosystem with desktop, physical shops and showrooms.

Service Park

Helping companies gain foothold in China, providing customers with multiple local services.

Logistic and customer service center, office spaces and bonded warehouse.

Physical showrooms: permanent product display and sales outlet.

Social Media

Connecting companies and brands with customers, interacting and
sharing experiences.

Driving consumers from social media communities to retail channels, also supporting social commerce.

Enter Chinese Food & Beverage Market

EUROPE-CHINA FOOD INDUSTRY EXPO is a 5-day event dedicated to European operators in the food & beverage sector who want to enter the Chinese market or strengthen their sales in the area.

The initiative, promoted by the international consortium OPLUS ECOSYSTEM, is aimed at agri-food and beverage producers, food machinery/technology companies, restaurateurs and franchisors interested in the Chinese market.

The exhibition dates will be confirmed soon.

Oplus Expo Themes

Food & Beverages
Logistics and Transportation
Fashion & Lifestyle
Green and Clean Technology

food, asian, prawns
nature, earth, sustainability
handbags, fashion, editorial
singapore, china town, colorful


During the decades, we have established an extensive Guānxì, network of contacts in China among authorities, organizations and business people.

Our services, Expo and Direct Retail offer an opportunity to promote and sell products directly to large audiences in China, supported by our own social media channels.

Oplus Service Park provides free bonded warehousing and modern office spaces for our customers in Jiujiang, strategically located along the Yangtze River, with excellent connections to Central and Western China

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Oplus Ecosystem is an international network of professionals, specialized in cross-cultural communications, omnichannel retail and promotion.

If you are targeting China from the perspectives of new market entry or expansion, we most likely can help you to reach your goals. 

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