As digitalization sets new requirements for agility and user experience, sticking to the old business practises in trade and retail will not guarantee success, or even survival. 

Oplus Ecosystem is designed to help any company in EMEA area targeting the international marketplace, at reasonable cost and with unlimited potential.


We have developed a comprehensive service to companies that want to grow their product and service sales in the international markets. 

Oplus Ecosystem is more than traditional platforms offer: a complete solution with all aspects thought, customer base ready and full support in logistic issues.

Smart Online Exhibition

Themed 365-day digital promotion introduces manufacturers and suppliers to importers, distributors, retailers and consumers. 

Social Sales Application

Omnichannel direct sales ecosystem with millions of  active consumers. Social commerce opportunity for individuals.

Logistic Center

Network of bonded warehouses located in EMEA and China. Responding to need for agile and effective service.

Service Park

Foothold for foreign companies and subsidiaries in China. Office, administration, IT and sales easily accommodated in modern premises.

Experience Showrooms

Extending the promotion from digital to physical. Showcasing and selling products directly to professionals and consumers. 

Social Media Channels

For supporting the exhibitions and direct sales, Oplus has established own channels in leading social media services.


Oplus Ecosystem is a consortium of professionals in EMEA area and China. Oplus is vehicle for sales, promotion, communications and networking for companies seeking international brand exposure and professional contacts. Our core is the connection of smart digital exhibition to Oplus direct sales ecosystem. We are open for all companies, other platforms and consumers who want to join, contribute and enjoy the ecosystem benefits.

In addition to above mentioned services, we provide comprehensive support services to our customers in logistics, border-crossing, warehousing and promotion.

Our European and Middle Eastern network of offices reaches from Spain to Georgia and Turkey, from Finland to Egypt. Our China offices are located in Fujian and Jiujiang.

Oplus regional offices serve customers who seek to grow their product or service sales in the global marketplace through joining in our ecosystem. In addition to direct social sales and smart online exhibition, we provide comprehensive support services to our customers in logistics, border-crossing, warehousing and promotion. Our special focus is in the Yangtze RIver Development Belt, in the heart of which is located our Jiujiang office.

First of all, Oplus is an ecosystem. This means that we provide a wide variety of basic services that help you start and develop sales in the international markets. We believe that all our members will contribute to the cooperation, learn and benefit each other as well as make our service and customer experience better. We put real effort on our customers´ success, not just charge for store set up, collaterals and on-site ad placements.

Joining Oplus is easy. Participate one of our Expos and we will introduce you to exhibition visitors – and connect your products to our global, omnichannel sales applications. You will foind our fee verys reasonable.

Another option is to join our direct sales program and have your products included in our social sales applications. Use the contact form in the page footer and we will be glad to tell you more!

China is becoming #1 retail market in the World, and fast developing Yangtze River Belt represents more than 40 per cent of total population and GDP of China. As the coastal cities are already highly developed, there are major opportunities now emerging in Central and Western provinces along the Mother River.

Also, Oplus founders have decades of experience in cooperation with China. We think China is a great place to start with.

We are building a global network of local sales offices and logistic centers, so the answer is definitely yes. At the moment we are offering exclusive partnership opportunities in specific Eastern and Central European regions. For fully confidential Oplus partnership opportunity inquiries, please use please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.